The recommended pounds per square inch (PSI) for a car's tires is not a suggestion. Manufacturers list specific PSI ranges for tire care and driving safety. A tire may require a pressure range between 32 and 35 PSI, but drivers shouldn't make assumptions. Check a credible resource for the specific figures.

Volvo Cars Southwest Houston replaces worn tires frequently. What often causes wear? Low tire pressure could outright ruin tires. With low pressure, the tire could suffer from premature wear. The tires might suffer from a blowout when worn. Be aware that an overinflated tire might explode on Houston, TX streets, too.

Low tire pressure could also hamper fuel economy. The engine might overcompensate for the underinflated tire, affecting mileage. Low mileage comes with more than performance problems: paying for extra fuel runs up costs.

Regularly checking tire pressure could help an owner maintain his/her tires. If the PSI is too high or low, the owner can take steps to fix the problem.

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